Black Portable Solar Panel, energy where you need it

This ready-to-use accessory requires no installation: just open the portable case, connect the device to be charged and let the sun do the rest.

Lugo di Ravenna (5 December 2022) - Generating the power with which to charge your mobile phone, tablet, GPS device or laptop outdoors, using only sunlight, is a must-have convenience. The new Black Portable Solar Panel by Telair - a Teleco Group company - is a folding 3-part monocrystalline panel that, once closed, measures just 54 by 35 centimetres and is just 3 cm thickWhen open it can provide up to 90 watts of power, delivering 12 or 18 volts at up to 5 amps through DC, USB, QC 3.0 or USB outputs.

All you need to do to obtain maximum panel performance is to open the handy case and position it perpendicular to the sun using the special stand. Once the panel is open, simply connect the USB cable of the electronic device to the respective output port (DC, USB, QC 3.0 or Type C) and the batteries will start charging gradually. When the red light comes on it means the device is receiving solar energy correctly.

The Black Portable Solar Panel can also be paired with Telair Portable Power Stations, power storage solutions that ensure you always have all the energy you need with you. Featuring lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, they can power loads of various kinds, with the PPS500 model offering 460 Wh and the PPS1000 offering no less than 1110 Wh. Thanks to solar energy, they can be recharged cost-free.

The optimal temperature range for routine use and storage of a Black Portable Solar Panel is between -20 °C and +85 °C, a range that demonstrates the ultra-high quality of the materials used to build it.

Another major advantage of these new Telair portable solar panels is that they have an IP67 protection rating and are therefore resistant to water, dust and damp.

The new Black Solar Panels are already available from Teleco's authorised dealer network.

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