Portable Fully Automatic Satellite System

You can park your caravan or camper van in the shade of a tree and install your ACTIVSAT automatic system alongside it on the lawn.

Three Different satellite antennas :
1) Transparent Acrylic Dish 85 cm, low visual impact
2) Transparent Acrylic Dish 65 cm, low visual impact
3) Square Flat Antenna 53x53 cm

Simply open the Tripod, fit the motor unit on top of it, slide in the dish and connect the cable (15 m) to the external Activsat socket on the vehicle.
Very quick and easy installation, no tools needed.
Align with the satellite in just a second via Bluetooth through your smartphone, or simply by pushing a button in the control box inside your vehicle.

You can easily select between 2 search modes:
Quick Search (the dish limits the search to just 120° and, in addition to being much faster, it saves 70% of battery power). To use Quick Search you first have to point the dish in South Direction, using the Compass supplied. If you cannot find the South, you can switch OFF Quick Search and the system will automatically perform a Total Search (360°).
Every time ACTIVSAT aligns with a satellite, the position is saved on the system memory to save time when the next search is made.

Five Models available:

1) ACTIVSAT 85                Kg 10,40
2) ACTIVSAT 85T Twin  Kg 10,40
3) ACTIVSAT 65               Kg  8,50
4) ACTIVSAT 65T Twin  Kg  8,50
5) ACTIVSAT 53SQ          Kg 10,50


establishes the exact position of the antenna in real time, thus making it easier to position the latter in the direction of the desired satellite.


indicates, on the basis of the position of the antenna and the selected satellite, whether the LNB needs rotating.


Indoor unit with very attractive design, small size and equipped with:

  1. 16 satellites stored in memory ,
  2. High definition blue OLED display
  3. SAT Button / Quick Search Button / Parking Button
  4. Incorporated Bluetooth to control ACTIVSAT directly from Smartphone
  5. Anti-theft alarm with very loud beeper (91 dB) with ON-OFF switch.
  6. CI BUS port for connection to CI BUS system
  7. Additional output to connect either an external, high-power siren or an external light
  8. ON-OFF power switch
  9. Quick, user-friendly software update via Bluetooth with your smartphone

Dual Anti-theft Alarm:

  1. If somebody cuts the cable, a very loud beeper is activated and an external light can be automatically switched on and an external siren (optional) activated

  2. The external antenna unit is matched with its internal controller through the Serial Number. All SNs are in a Teleco Data Base. If somebody steals the outdoor unit, he/she cannot use any other internal control unit without providing the SN of the external unit and his/her name.


ActivSat bags (optional)

All components are easily stored  and transported thanks to 2 hard-wearing bags: one for the dish and one for the outdoor unit with tripod and cable.


  • BAS/TR - Tripod bag
  • BAS/65 - Ø65 dish bag
  • BAS/85 - Ø85 dish bag
  • BAS/65 - Square antenna bag



Material: ABS
Colour: white outside, black inside


  • connector for 10-pole ActivSat motor cable
  • F connector for ActivSat coaxial cable
  • F connector for second coaxial cable (ActivSat Twin)
  • F connector for coaxial cable for external TV
  • 12 V DC universal socket (Max 10 A) with rubber cover and Faston terminals for external TV power supply


  • PAS/W - ActivSat Westacc socket
  • PAS/F - ActivSat Fawo socket

(optional, not supplied)

12 V DC - 110 dB