12V DC/DC converter

The TBooster PRO 1245 is a DC/DC converter designed for optimal charging of 12V service batteries while driving.
Thanks to step up/down technology, this device compensates the alternator voltage, making it appropriate to handle each stage of battery charging. In addition to being indispensable in EURO6 vehicles, where the energy-saving strategy makes the alternator voltage variable according to the driving status, this device is also particularly suitable for conventional alternators because it guarantees a full and more efficient charge, especially in systems with particularly long wiring.

- Step up/down converter to adapt alternator voltage
- Charging curve for lead acid, gel, AGM and lithium batteries
- Temperature compensation (if temperature sensor is connected)
- Starter battery voltage control
- Inhibits the discharge of the service battery to the starter battery
- Compact and lightweight design
- High efficiency, over 90%
- "Bridge" function (with manual selector) to charge the starter battery
in case of emergency
- Possibility of limiting power in order not to overload the alternator

Compatible with CI-BUS systems

Range tensione in ingresso 10,5 – 15V
Max input voltage 16 V
Max input current 80 A
Max charging current 70 A
Rated current 45 A
Service battery Lead acid, Gel, AGM and Lithium batteries
Consumption with engine off <1mA
Efficiency >=90%
Safety OUTPUT overcurrent (fuse+electronic), overvoltage Overtemperature (with derating)
Connections Battery cable cross-section up to 16mm2
Dimensions (L x D x H) 167 x 193 x 72
Weight 1140g

Connectors, fuses and terminals KIT


Battery sensor cable kit

A) Cable for compensating the voltage drop on the connection to the engine battery.
B) Cable for compensating the voltage drop on the service battery connection and adjusting the charge according to the temperature of the service battery.