Inverter petrol generator

230 Vac

230 Vac

  • Stainless steel hatch
  • Removable interior
  • 2 fixing systems
  • Variable speed adjuster

The TIG 3100 B is a new generation 230 V AC inverter generator powered by a petrol engine.
The rotation speed is commanded by a newly developed electronic variable speed system which functions with an extremely low noise level as well as greatly reduced average petrol consumption. Inverter technology provides a very stable flow of power by pure sine wave.
The modernly designed remote control panel with display provides the user with full information on generator operation: oil level checks, working temperature and power consumption with automatic engine cut-off if values do not correspond with standard values.
The generator can be set to manual or automatic mode (if it’s also used as a battery charger). It also has a BOOST button which can be used when a temporary increase of power for a very high electric load is needed.
It also has a special interface which makes it possible to use the new Teleco-Hub App to switch the generator on/off and control it remotely using an iOS or Android smartphone.


Technical features
TIG 3100 B
Engine YAMAHA MZ 175
Rotation speed 2700 - 3900 rpm
Max. power output

2,7 KW - 230V
10A / 13,3 Vdc
50 Hz
Starting Electric
Noise level 52 - 60 dBA (7m)
Max fuel
1,2 Lt/h
Dimensions 27,5x51,5x39 cm
Weight 52 kg.