New panel and new Bluetooth evolution for Teleco Extra Pro Lithium Ion (LifePo4)

Control and management of Teleco EXTRA PRO Lithium Ion (LiFePO4) batteries are now even simpler, thanks to the new wall-mounted control panel and Bluetooth technology

Teleco Extra Pro Lithium Ion batteries were specially developed for use in recreational vehicles. The design specifically for this target provides several benefits in terms of quality of life onboard as well as technical management and installation. Teleco’s Extra Pro Lithium Ion series allows 70% less weight, faster charging (even less than 1 hour), longer life up to 5,000 charging cycles, installation in any position and area of the vehicle and a low environmental impact. The series is now enhanced with Bluetooth connectivity, to receive information such as the charge level, voltage and current on the TELECO App. The Extra Pro batteries can also be connected to TELECO Hub, which, thanks to an internal SIM card, can communicate with TELECO App via the phone network to provide information on the batteries wherever you may be.  For those who prefer more conventional systems, a control panel is now available with a display connected via cable, which can be mounted on the wall of the vehicle. Here, in addition to the charge level reading, there is also a switch to activate/deactivate storage mode. The EXTRA PRO Lithium Ion battery range - TELECO’s premium battery offer - provides higher energy density, i.e. these batteries store a much greater quantity of energy than other batteries of the same weight and size. The integration of a Battery Management System (BMS) that manages the voltage of each individual cell, both during charging and discharging, increases the lifespan of the batteries and protects them from problems caused by high temperatures, overloads or excessive discharging. The BMS has numerous features, uses and benefits: integrated CAN-BUS, CI BUS and Bluetooth communication, BMS control electronics with an integrated programmable I/O, a solid-state integrated safety disconnect relay, an autosleep mode function and wakeup button, diagnostics and an error log. The Teleco Battery Management System is assembled with selected latest-generation components.