TELECO PhoneBoosterVan 2.0: greater performance with the new antenna

Maximum phone signal reception and ultra-fast browsing are guaranteed with the new PhoneBoosterVan 2.0 mobile phone signal repeater, which can boost the mobile network signal by up to 400 times and transmit it on 5 bands

TELECO has further improved its successful PhoneBoosterVan product, giving it a new antenna that can boost the mobile network signal to always ensure the best-possible connection to 4G or LTE networks and ultra-fast browsing inside or in the vicinity of the vehicle. This device was designed in collaboration with Huaptec, the Chinese mobile technology giant. The new antenna has abandoned the classic “shark fin” design and adopted a tower shape. The new design offers a greater range of reception than the shark fin and allows better RF shielding between internal and external antennas. Although amplifying a telephony signal for civil use does not involve great technical problems, the use of a mobile network and smaller components, necessary in a van, required an antenna design that could offer the best shielding and freedom from interference. TELECO PhoneBoosterVan 2.0, designed in this way, is also very simple to install. 

The system converts the campervan into a true, high-reception, centralised 4G hotspot, both when parked and on the road, and transmits on 5 bands: from 800 Mhz, for 4G traffic, to 900 (GSM network), 1800, 2100 and 2600 Mhz bands. 

Moreover, with this device, the phone stops searching for the best signal, thus saving on battery use.  

TELECO PhoneBoosterVan 2.0 does not house a SIM card, so there are no additional usage costs, and it is compatible with all mobile phone operators and brands. The kit consists of a 95x85 mm external tower antenna, easy to install on the vehicle roof, a 116x98 mm repeater device and an omnidirectional antenna that can be installed inside the camper, which repeats the signal amplified by the booster. PhoneBoosterVan 2.0 is already available through the entire Teleco sales network.