Telair launches its new line of Total Black roof-mounted air conditioners

Following the latest trends that show increasing sales of recreational vehicles with coloured bodywork, the Teleco Group company has added to its range of air conditioners e-Van 7400HN, Silent+ 8100HN and DualClima 8400HN with dark grey livery, all equipped with heat pump.

Lugo di Ravenna (August 25, 2023) - In life, it's not all just black or white. There are many shades of grey in between and, when it comes to campers, many other colours too. Whether it is an all-over paint job or just the cab, or a set of graphics decorating part of the interior, RVs other than traditionally white are a more and more frequent sight. All top manufacturers in the industry are following this trend, which now looks firmly on its way to becoming established throughout Europe.
Such a variety of colours and styles is increasingly pushing users to choose black and grey accessories, which best match the look of vehicles rather than white. Teleco has therefore decided to expand its offering of Total Black products following the photovoltaic modules and TV antennas to now include Telair rooftop air conditioners, too. After fitting to the vehicle, the overall impact is that of an RV with a captivating and original look.
Three Teleco solutions have been redesigned to meet the new style requirements, all equipped with a protective body made of dark grey ABS. In terms of technical features and performance, they cover a wide range of needs, as they are designed to offer ideal climate control for both small vans and large motorhomes.
The Clima e-Van 7400HN roof-mounted air conditioner has been specifically designed for vans between five and seven metres in length and features a cooling capacity of 7,200 BTU. Thanks to its heat pump, it can also efficiently manage heating - up to a power of 6,800 BTU. Its air flow rate is 300 cubic metres per hour and it stands out for its extremely compact dimensions (70.9 by 61.9 by 23.2 centimetres) and a low weight of 31 kilograms.
The Silent+ 8100HN roof-mounted air conditioner is the most universally suitable product among all those in the Total Black livery range: it is designed for recreational vehicles between six and seven and a half metres long, it features a cooling power of 8,100 BTU (8,000 BTU in heating mode, thanks to its heat pump), an air flow rate of 450 cubic metres per hour and a weight of 36 kilograms.
Finally, the DualClima 8400HN air conditioner is suitable for vehicles up to eight metres long, thanks to a cooling power of up to 8,500 BTU and 8,400 BTU in heating mode, again with heat pump. Its air flow reaches 480 cubic metres per hour, with a weight of approximately 36 kilograms.
All Teleco roof-mounted air conditioners use R32 refrigerant gas, which has the lowest Global Warming Potential (GWP 675) currently available in air conditioners for mobile vehicles. This will reduce the environmental pollution potential by 70% compared to the gases used so far.
The three air conditioners in the Total Black line are equipped with a remote control and have an extra flat internal diffuser with a profile that slopes down on the sides - which allows for easy positioning without ever interfering with the vehicle furnishings. The price of Total Black air conditioners is in line with that of similar white products already in our catalogue.

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