New Teleco Wing-LAN 11 omnidirectional TV antenna: compact, powerful and designed to receive even the 5G cellular signal!

This solution allows the best viewing of digital terrestrial broadcasts. Moreover, the router with a telephone SIM card ensures a fast Wi-Fi network in the vehicle that can be used by Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets and computers.

Lugo di Ravenna (25 January 2023) - Television and the Internet are the two most popular entertainment services used by motorhome travellers, often also in combination, thanks to Smart TVs. In both cases, the signals are completely digital, and in the absence of a good reception system, one can experience difficulties in watching normal broadcasts as well as in using apps or streaming, which is increasingly important today, for example, to be able to follow the football championship.

The new Teleco Wing-LAN 11 antenna is intended to improve the performance of Teleco's family of omnidirectional antennas, which have been sold with excellent results for many years in Italy and throughout Europe. Designed with recreational vehicles in mind and to withstand the highest speeds, it also enables the reception and management of cellular signals to offer excellent Internet connectivity inside the vehicle.

Made of black ABS, this Wing-LAN 11 antenna stands apart for its unmistakable design, which blends into the aerodynamic profile of new generation motorhomes. The antenna features a diameter of only 38 cm with a 16.5 cm height. Such dimensions minimise the space required on the roof of the vehicle, which is normally
used to accommodate accessories, such as portholes, photovoltaic modules, chimneys, luggage racks and so on.

As a result of extensive research and development, the Teleco team of engineers and technicians has produced an antenna capable of receiving DVBT/T2 digital terrestrial signals and DAB+ digital radio signals.

But that's not all of it. The ultimate Teleco Wing-LAN 11 also integrates a highly efficient antenna to receive cellular signals up to 5G. The new amplifier equipped with a 694 MHz filter is able to eliminate any interference caused by the recent switch of the 700 MHz band from digital TV to 5G. This improves signal quality by increasing the speed of the Internet connection and avoiding interruptions in data transmission. 

A router capable of accommodating a telephone SIM card, such as our Teleco WiFi Van WFT402, must be used to make the most of the cellular reception of the new Wing-LAN 11. This allows the signal to be distributed throughout the vehicle via a high performance Wi-Fi network, thus enabling Web browsing, the use of apps and the viewing of favourite programmes, including streaming. The use of the external antenna allows this device to be installed even in hidden or less accessible places in the vehicle without reducing its reception capacity.

The digital radio-TV amplifier and signal distributor supplied with the antenna provides three outputs for as many TV sets and one output to which an FM and/or DAB+ radio can be connected.

The Teleco Wing-LAN 11 will soon be available from Teleco Group authorized dealers.

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