Pure sine wave and 2,000 watts of power for Teleco’s new Sinus TI 2000 SI-ACT inverter

Power any 230 V device, air conditioners included: this is what this versatile inverter - which hasa peak power of 4,000 W - was designed for

Lugo di Ravenna (10 January 2024) – Pure sine wave inverters are perfect for powering all on-vehicle domestic devices at 230 V. To meet the needs of even the most energy-hungry users, Teleco presents the new Sinus TI 2000 SI-ACT, the highest-performing model in the entire range thanks to a continuous output power of 2,000 watts and a peak of 4,000 watts. The electronic control board has been redesigned and, at an aesthetic level, the product has an eye-catching black finish.
Being a pure sine wave inverter, the Sinus TI 2000 SI-ACT has also been tested for use with air conditioners, such as the Telair Clima e-Van and Silent+. As long as the technical specifications are observed, it can be connected to any product on the market. Inverters with modified sine wave or square wave, instead, cannot be used with air conditioners.
Thanks to the AC Transfer (ACT) function, this inverter operates both with 12 V DC from the battery and when the external mains power is present: switching occurs automatically to save the battery. Connection to lithium batteries ensures the best results, as these batteries can withstand large discharges better.
The Sinus TI 2000 SI-ATC inverter features a Schuko socket and a USB port for charging mobile devices.
The inverter is also protected against overloads, short circuits, and low/high input voltage. It also has low voltage protection. This means that when the voltage drops below a certain threshold, the inverter is automatically switched off to prevent damage to the battery.
The Sinus TI 2000 SI-ACT inverter measures 380 x 220 x 90 millimetres and weighs 5.6 kilograms.
Teleco's other pure sine wave inverter models are:
• TI 400 SI-ACT with a continuous output power of 400 W
• TI 600 SI-ACT with a continuous output power of 600W
• TI 1000 SI-ACT with a continuous output power of 1,000W
• TI 1500 SI-ACT with a continuous output power of 1,500 W

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